"This is a story of hope, remember?"

David Egan's play, which won the 2009 Herman Voaden National Playwriting Competition, tells of two Englishmen lost in a ship in the Arctic with no food, comfort, or help. Based on the failed 1845 sailing of the HMS Terror and Erebus in search of the Northwest Passage, the play explores truth and fantasy, hunger and need, with an intelligent wit. Matthew MacFadzean was nominated for a Dora Award for his performance as Thomas Dowling, an officer of the Royal Navy.

Co-directed with Daryl Cloran
Cast: Shane Carty, Matthew MacFadzean
Set & Costume Designer: Joanna Yu
Lighting Designer: Jason Hand
Stage Manager: Isabelle Ly


"Co-directors Daryl Cloran and Ashlie Corcoran have created just the right amount of tension and limited action. The production is a must see, and absolutely deserves a shelf life." Classical 96.3 Review
Mooney on Theatre
Plank Magazine

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Photography by Joanna Yu