The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

"It seems, we're living out our dreams..."

In April 2012, I directed The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Western Canada Theatre in Kamloops, BC.

A wonderful piece that incorporates music, dance and improvisation, this story follows six overachievers in the throes of puberty, as they compete in their local county's spelling competition. This charming and quirky group of outsiders learn that winning isn't everything, and that losing doesn't make you a loser. For this motley crew, the spelling bee is the one place where they can stand out and fit in at the same time.

Working with the talented Drew Facey, we transformed Western Canada Theatre's Pavilion Theatre into a school gym complete with basketball nets, hardwood floors, and a miniature proscenium arch. I am very interested in environmental work. In the case of traditional theatre venues, where a set design engulfs the audience making them part of the experience. Spelling Bee, with its direct address and improvisational structure, is an ideal piece for this type of work.

Cast: Meghan Anderssen, Greg Armstrong-Morris, Adam Charles, Meghan Gardiner, Melissa-Allyson Lyons, Michael-Lamont Lytle, Doug McKeag, Farren Timoteo, Patricia Zentilli
Music Director: Steven Greenfield
Choreographer: Shelley Stewart-Hunt
Set Designer: Drew Facey
Costume Designer: Cindy Wiebe
Lighting Designer: Graham Ockley
Stage Manager: Lisa Russell
Assistant Director: Heather Cant
Assistant Stage Manager: Kari Larsen
Drums & Percussion: Richard Graham
Dance Captain: Meghan Anderssen
Technician: Darren John

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Photography by Barbara Zimonick