The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

"Don't you see how much nicer it would be if it was a secret?"

Just prior to directing The Secret Garden for Resurgence Theatre, I had been working for Opera North in Yorkshire. I arrived at the beginning of the March, just when the "crocuses an' snowdrops an' daffydowndillys" were first peaking their little green spikes out of the dark earth. When I left at the end of June, English rose-trees were in full bloom. Watching Yorkshire transform from a grey and rainy place to a sunny world of blue skies and green foliage, it was easy to imagine how a little girl lonely, scared and sullen could be drawn out of her shell by a nascent curiosity about the surrounding world.

Cast: Derek Boyes, Lara Jean Chorostecki, Ian Deakin, Alison Deon, Shaun McComb, Nathalie Toriel, Kevin Walker
Set Designer: Lindsay C. Walker
Costume Designer: Adrienne Vranckaert
Composer/Sound Designer: Michael Bernard
Lighting Designer: Michael Walton
Puppet Designer: Graeme Somerville
Stage Manager: Lesley Abarquez-Bradley

"Under the direction of Ashlie Corcoran, the play draws you in and never lets go."
York Region Media Group

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Photography by Greg King